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Public Speaking

Throughout my life, I have overcome adversity, both externally and internally. I have always found a way to adapt and reinvent myself. I went from working in the nuclear power world with the US Navy to starting and running my own club promoting business. After growing out of the nightclub world I spent several years with other entrepreneurs, helping build a Waikiki marketing company with different roles as an investor, training manager, and marketing agent for their various tourism-based businesses in Honolulu, Hawaii. I loved these different phases in my life and knew that they would provide for a lot of interesting stories for my speaking and coaching business later in life. Ultimately, my desire to show others that they can find their purpose in life if they focus on turning their passions into their profession led me to pursue a career as a real estate professional and keynote speaker.

Brian Boltwood with Award

I always looked up to my father, who did some public speaking when he would take me with him to trade shows. Eventually, I picked up a copy of the international best-selling author, Patrick Snow's book, Creating Your Own Destiny at an airport bookstore and couldn't put it down. I reached out to the author and hired him as my book publishing and public speaking coach. That got me started on my path of writing my book and creating a launching pad for coaching & speaking.

It wasn't until I was invited to a public speaking meeting called Toastmasters that I started to see the whole picture. I learned quickly and went on to become the president of the club for multiple terms and win the 2015 Table Topics State Championship for District 49. Joining Toastmasters and hiring Patrick Snow as my coach are the two most important decisions I credit with making a speaking and coaching career a real possibility for me.

My father always told me that if I loved what I did, I would never work a day in my life. Every person I met throughout my career or personal life who acquired significant wealth seemed to have done it through real estate in one way or another and I knew it was the kind of lifestyle I wanted. I didn't want to do it without someone’s guidance, as it can be a complicated industry to break into. I eventually met Alesia Barnes, whom was starting something very special and immediately saw the opportunity I had been looking for by helping her with the team she was creating, The Barnes Hawaii Group.

I asked Alesia to create a space for me on her team, turning her into the great mentor I had always been looking for. Today, as an experienced public speaker, I know that the lessons I have learned from the stories like this are what make me ready to speak at your next event no matter what the topic. Whether it's for business, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership or something needing to be tailored specifically to your audience you can trust me to be your next keynote speaker you have been looking for.

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